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Technology Equipment Collection Checkout Procedures

The Southwest Kansas Library System (SWKLS) curates a collection of technology equipment to meet librarians’ technological needs.


Equipment Collection Loan Period: 30 days.


Checkout Requirements: Must be a library within the SWKLS consortia.


Extensions: Extensions are not guaranteed and are subject to demand. In the event an extension is granted, it will be for an additional 30-day period.


Care Requirements: As a borrower of SWKLS equipment, please follow these guidelines for care and maintenance: do not affix any labels, stickers, or other objects to SWKLS equipment. Do not modify SWKLS equipment in any way (this includes downloading software, apps, and games onto equipment). SWKLS equipment is to be for in-library use only. If the borrowing library should choose to allow a patron to use the equipment, any damages will be the financial responsibility of the borrowing library. Please return SWKLS equipment in the same condition that it was loaned.


Procedure for Requesting: Our collection is available to any member of the SWKLS consortia. To view the equipment collection, search SWKLS Verso with the phrase “SWKLS Equipment Collection.” To request to borrow a piece of equipment, please contact the SWKLS office directly at 620-225-1231. SWKLS equipment must be delivered and picked up in person. Delivery/pick-up times can vary depending on available staff and driving conditions.

Questions and/or suggestions for additional titles can be directed to:


Steve Andrews

Technology Supervisor